Need to Hire a Skip in Ongar?

Ongar, Essex, is a small civil parish in the district of Epping Forest. It only has a population of just under 7,000. Sadly, this has made it difficult to get affordable quotes for skip hire as many companies just don’t service this area.

It’s close to London and has been developed on vast tracts of open land. This means a lot of businesses and residents have plenty of space and plenty of waste. Hiring a skip needn’t be expensive just because you’re based over 20 miles outside of London, though.

Check Your Permit – Before hiring a skip in Ongar, Essex, you need to check whether you need a permit. Usually, it’s at the discretion of the Ongar Town Council, as well as the type of skip you need. The larger skips tend to require permits, but if you only need a small 2 cu yard mini skip you can normally hire without one.

What Waste? – The type of waste you dispose of also influences your eligibility and the quote you get. Firstly, you must ascertain exactly what you intend to dispose of. Certain things need direct local authority intervention, such as in the case of chemicals and toxic substances. And if you intend on mixing waste it could put the price up. Check on these things to ensure you get the most accurate and affordable quote.

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Your Selection – Your skip hire quote is determined by the size of skip you require, as well as the type of permit you need. If, for example, you require a 12 cu yard super skip it’s going to cost more than a smaller version for a number of reasons. These include how much waste the company must dispose of, the permit, and the transport costs.

Check before you buy to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your money!

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