Need to Hire a Skip in Upminster?

Skip hire in Upminster, Essex, is affordable and cost-effective, but the price of your hire depends on a few influential factors.

Upminster is just on the tip of northeast London, but like most other boroughs, it has expanded dramatically in the past few decades. Its large residential population and significant commercial presence means proper waste management is essential.

The local council of Upminster, Essex, regularly charges both businesses and residents for hiring a skip in the form of a permit. These permits generally only apply to busy areas where traffic and travel will suffer directly from having a skip placed there. Since Upminster isn’t particularly close to central London, the price of a permit isn’t particularly high.

The size of your skip is the biggest contributor to the final bill. If you choose a small 2 cu yard mini skip the price isn’t going to rocket upwards. It’s easy to transport, there’s not a great deal to dispose of after it’s taken away, and the cost of a permit goes down. Generally, if you want to keep costs down it’s best to go for the smaller option. Don’t opt for big skip hire unless you’re sure you need it.

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The type of waste you’re disposing of also comes into play. If the waste management company only has to break apart a few pieces of wooden furniture the prices goes down. Having to separate different types of waste is a different matter completely, and you will have to pay extra due to the difficulty involved.

When you hire a skip in Upminster, you get certain added extras to help you make the most of your money. An example of this is the free 30-minute ‘wait and load’ option. This means you don’t have to pay anything extra just to have your skip taken away.

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