Waste and Recycling

Hornchurch and Upminster in Havering offers various options for residents to dispose of waste and recycling responsibly. Disposing of rubbish in any other way is illegal and could lead to prosecution.

Whether you have general household waste, DIY and construction waste, or even old furniture that you want to get rid of, there are plenty of waste disposal options available.

Both Upminster and Hornchurch have the same council so both areas have the same methods of disposing of waste.

General Household Waste

Household waste that cannot be recycled should be placed in black sacks within your property line before 7am on your collection day. All domestic properties in the Hornchurch and Upminster area have a weekly general refuse collection.

Any colour other than black for your refuse sacks may not be collected by council workers. Also, your black sacks may not be collected if they are on walls, in wheelie bins or stacked with other refuse on grass verges.

Recycling Collections

Household recycling is collected weekly, depending on the type of waste.

Havering Council combines all household recycling in orange sacks provided by the council. They need to be left at the edge of your property line on your collection day before 7am.

The council’s list of clean items that can be recycled in your orange bag includes:

  • Mixed paper and card including newspapers, magazines, white paper, envelopes, junk mail and thick card.
  • Plastic bottles – Please empty them first and then replace the lid.
  • Food tins and drink cans – Please rinse first.
  • Cardboard – Flattened and placed next to your orange sack is too big for the sack.
  • Aerosol cans.
  • Clean kitchen foil and clean foil trays.
  • Glass bottles and jars – Rinse and replace lids.
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays – Remove any plastic film and dispose and don’t forget to wash and squash.

If you put incorrect items in your orange sack it may not be collected and refuse workers will place a sticker on the sack to explain why it has been refused.

Collection days vary according to postcode. Check when your waste collection day is on the Havering.gov.uk website. If your waste collection is missed, you can report it to the council.

Common items that are not recycled by the council include:

  • Textiles and clothes
  • Shoes
  • General household waste
  • Green / garden waste
  • Milk / juice cartons (Tetrapaks)
  • Batteries and electrical items – Hornchurch can recycle batteries and small electrical items but they should not be placed in the orange sack. Residents need to put them in a separate bag. The batteries and small electricals page provides more details.
  • Dirty foil/foil trays
  • Coffee pods – Residents can use the Podback service to get these collected along with their orange sacks.

Garden Waste

Garden household waste can be disposed of with Havering Council in a green wheelie bin. You can pay an annual fee for the green bin and the contract for the bin runs between the 1st of April to the 31st of March.

An alternative service is to subscribe to compostable bags. For a fee of £70 per year, you purchase 50 compostable bags for garden waste and you can purchase more bags throughout the year as required.

Both services accept the same garden waste, which includes:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Garden weeds
  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Leaves
  • Small twigs and branches

You are not allowed to use the green bin or compostable sacks for:

  • Food waste
  • General household waste
  • Stones or plant pots
  • Plastic bags or containers
  • Soil

Alternatively, you can dispose of all your garden waste at the Gerpins Lane Waste & Recycling Centre.

Waste & Recycling Centre in Hornchurch and Upminster

There is a mini-recycling centre at Haynes Park with a few bins for recycling household waste, however, the closest major recycling centre to Hornchurch is on Gerpins Lane.

Gerpins Lane Waste & Recycling Centre requires proof of residency for the boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham or Redbridge. Also, it should be noted that booking is required for vans and trailers or anyone disposing of DIY waste in any vehicle.

It is located at:

Gerpins Lane,
RM14 2XR

Waste accepted at Gerpins Lane is dependent on several factors which are separated by household waste and DIY waste. If your items are considered to be DIY waste you will have to make a booking.

For an explanation of the difference it is best to refer to the East London Waste Authority accepted materials page.

Skips For Waste Disposal

To avoid the often confusing restrictions of the recycling centres and council waste disposal you may be better served by hiring a skip in Hornchurch or a skip in Upminster.

Booking a skip is sometimes a more convenient solution if you are undertaking a DIY or home renovation project, such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom. Skips come in various sizes, and most things can be disposed in a skip, with hazardous materials like asbestos being an exception. Learn more about restrictions in our FAQ section.

Contact us if you need a skip for your home or business. We have several sizes available to suit any project and can advise you on what can and can’t be placed in your skip. We cover Hornchurch, Upminster, Havering, and the surrounding areas.

From recycling centres run by the council to private waste disposal services, Hornchurch and Upminster residents have access to a range of facilities and resources to responsibly dispose of their waste. By utilising these services and following the guidelines provided, you can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for your community.

Call one of our team on 01277 350775 to discuss your requirements.