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Removing office waste

Office over time become cluttered with tons of obsolete paperwork, old disused filing cabinets, tired looking furniture. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough! RJ waste is here to help! We have skips of all sizes to suit your needs and will even come and clear your office if needed.

Having an office that is full of clutter leads to an unproductive environment to work in and is unsightly to workers, clients, and customers. Not to mention the unseen dangers such as potential fire hazards. Old and unmaintained equipment can also cause injuries to customers and staff and you run the risk of expensive claims against your business and all sorts of other serious matters.

Business owners and managers agree it is vital for a productive team to work in a clean and tidy environment. Don’t put it off till tomorrow to say goodbye to dust and grime collecting on old junk. It’s so important to make customers, as well as staff, feel as comfortable as possible.

A professional environment is a clean and tidy environment.

RJ Waste has the solution. We offer cheap skip hire as well as an Office clearance service to remove all your office clutter in one day! From small 2 cubic yard skips to 40 yard Roll on Roll off industrial size skips. Your rubbish will be transported and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We use landfill centres only when 100% necessary and the majority of our data is recycled. If you’re wondering how to proceed with this without having to plan and get rid of your junk yourself, then hiring a skip is the way to go. We listed below the advantages of hiring RJ Waste to take care of your office junk rather than getting it done by yourself.


When you work with RJ Waste, you can get the perfect size for the amount of rubbish that you have. Skips often have lines on them indicating how high the rubbish can be piled. This ensures that none will spill out and injure workers or passersby.


Instead of taking multiple trips of rubbish out to a van, you can often get your entire load of junk into one RJ skip and only need one trip out to the disposal site, saving you time and money.


Customers can often choose lockable skips, which are perfect when disposing of your office waste. You can keep your papers, files, and other sensitive materials that you’re disposing of out of the hands of any unauthorized people.


RJ Waste is committed to the safe and secure disposal of your waste. As we sort the waste, we will identify what items can be recycled, repurposed, or re-used.


RJ Waste is fully licensed and insured, and our skips are inspected and maintained. We help you remove your office junk in a smooth and safe manner and can ensure you get exactly the right tool for the job.

If you live in Ongar, Romford, Harlow, Hertfordshire, Chelmsford, Grays, Wickford or Billericay you can count on us for a fantastic, affordable skip hire service. If you have any questions regards any of our services call 01277 350775 for more information.