Domestic & Commercial Skip Hire Essex

Brentwood, Essex, like all towns in the UK, has various options for residents to dispose of waste and recycling responsibly. And by responsibly, we mean not dumped in a lay-by or farmer’s field. 

Whether you have general household waste, DIY and construction waste, or even old furniture that you want rid of, there are lots of Brentwood waste disposal options available.

General Household Waste

Household waste that cannot be recycled should be placed in black sacks at the kerbside before 7.30am on your collection day. All domestic properties in the Brentwood area have a weekly general refuse collection.

Any colour other than black for your refuse sacks may not be collected by council workers.

Recycling Collections

Recycling is collected weekly, depending on the type of waste.

Here is a list of items and which colour sack or receptacle they need to be placed in for collection in the Brentwood area:

  • Blue sack: paper and cardboard
  • Brown bin and green bags: garden waste
  • Food caddy: food waste
  • Red box: glass (collected every other week)
  • White sack: cans and plastic

Collection days vary according to postcode. Check when your waste collection day is on the website. If you waste collection is missed you can report it to the council.

DIY and Construction Waste

Essex County Council operate two recycling centres near Brentwood, once accepts DIY and construction waste (Coxtie Green Road), the other does not (Mountnessing).

Read on for more information.

Coxtie Green Road

Brentwood Recycling Centre on Coxtie Green Road accepts small quantities of DIY and construction waste, provided that the work was completed by an individual, not a contractor. This is useful if you are working on home improvement projects and need to dispose of the resulting waste responsibly once you have completed the work.

The Coxtie Green Road site also accepts various types of general household waste, such as recyclable items, non-recyclable items, wood and metal, and garden waste. 

Call for site restrictions and opening times. 

The site can be found at: 

Coxtie Green Road


CM14 5PN


The recycling centre in Mountnessing does not accept any DIY or construction waste. Booking is required to access the site and and vans or commercial vehicles are not allowed to use the site. 

If you wish to dispose of household waste you can find the site at:

Roman Road




Large Item Collection

If you have a sofa, fridge, bed, or similar, you can book a bulky waste collection on the website. Collections are on Tuesdays and there is a £13 charge per item with a minimum charge of £26. Non-electrical items are collected by the council and electrical items by a separate provider.

This service will not collect:

  • American or industrial fridge freezers
  • Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Pianos
  • Garden sheds or Green Houses
  • Garden Waste
  • Gas Canisters
  • Boilers
  • Storage Heaters
  • Chemicals
  • Construction and Trade Waste or Hardcore
  • Surf boards
  • Motorised treadmills
  • Mirrors, windows or glass cabinets
  • Table Tennis tables

Furniture that can be reused will be distributed to people on low incomes. Contact the Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd, which is a charity that helps the local community.

In addition to recycling centres, there are also private waste disposal services available in Brentwood. These companies like RJ Waste offer rubbish clearance services, providing a hassle-free solution for waste collection requirements. This option can be particularly useful if you have a large amount of waste or for businesses that require regular waste removal.

Skips for Large-scale Waste Disposal

Booking a skip is sometimes a more convenient solution if you are undertaking a DIY or home renovation project, such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom. Skips come in various sizes and most things can be disposed of in a skip, with hazardous material like asbestos an exception. Read more about restrictions in our FAQ section.

Contact us if you need a skip for your home or business. We have several sizes available to suit any project and can advise you on what can and can’t be placed in your skip. We cover Essex, Hertfordshire, and the surrounding areas.

From recycling centres run by the council to private waste disposal services, Brentwood residents have access to a range of facilities and resources to responsibly dispose of their waste. By utilising these services and following the guidelines provided, you can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for your community.

Click this link if you want to hire a skip in Brentwood or call one of our team on 01277 350775.