What Can You Put in a Skip?

What Can You Put in a Skip?

When you’re facing a significant clear-out, a renovation project, or a garden overhaul, it’s crucial to understand what you can and can’t put in a skip. Though a skip is a fantastic means of removing all types of rubbish, there are some materials that skips can’t accept due to safety and environmental reasons. To help you navigate this process, we’ll provide an expanded explanation of what can go into a skip and the materials that should be avoided.

Approved Skip Materials

What can you put in a skip? First of all, let’s dive into what you are allowed to put in your skip. Generally, a skip can accommodate most of your domestic or commercial waste, which includes:

General Household Waste

Can you put black bin bags in a skip? Absolutely, if they are filled with general household waste. From your everyday kitchen rubbish to bathroom waste, as long as it’s not hazardous, it can be thrown in. This includes food packaging, old toys, and other general knick-knacks that accumulate around the house.

Garden Waste

When it comes to sprucing up your garden, you’ll find a skip handy for dealing with organic waste. From grass cuttings and branches to old fencing and garden furniture, skips can accommodate a lot of garden waste – just don’t exceed the weight limit.


Whether you’re getting rid of an old worn-out couch or a broken wardrobe, discarded furniture can find its way into your skip. Large, bulky items, wooden furniture, mattresses, and other home furnishings are allowed. Just make sure that the furniture is broken down as much as possible to maximise the use of your skip’s space.

Construction Waste

Are you taking on a renovation or construction project? You might be wondering ‘what can you put in a skip?’.  A skip is an excellent solution for the disposal of construction waste. Accepted materials include bricks, rubble, hardcore, soil, ceramics, and tiles.

Metal Waste

From old appliances like ovens and washing machines to pipes and radiators, metal waste is permitted in skips.

Wood and Timber

Whether it’s from old furniture, a shed you’ve ripped down, or remnants from a DIY project, wood and timber waste are perfectly fine to dispose of in a skip. Floorboards, wooden beams, panels, doors and pallets can all be included.

What Can’t You Put in a Skip?

Now that we’ve gone over what you can put in a skip, let’s address the items that may need special handling or are simply not allowed due to safety and environmental factors.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste must always be notified before disposal so that the necessary environmental and safety procedures can be put in place. This category typically includes the following:

  • Asbestos: Due to its harmful nature, asbestos needs specialist handling and cannot be put in a skip.
  • Batteries: Car or household batteries contain hazardous chemicals, so they’re a no-go.
  • Electrical items: Items like fridges, freezers, TVs, and microwaves are classified as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), so they require special disposal methods.

Chemical and Liquid Waste

Disposing of chemicals and liquids correctly is crucial to protect our environment. This includes:

  • Paint cans: Can you put paint in skips? Unfortunately, paint is hazardous waste due to the chemicals it contains, so you cannot put it in a skip.
  • Oil, petrol, or diesel: These substances can contaminate soil and groundwater, so they are not permitted in skips.
  • Chemicals and solvents: Whether household cleaning products or industrial chemicals, these require specialist disposal.

Other Prohibited Items

There are a few more items to be aware of:

  • Tyres: These require specific recycling procedures and should not be put in a skip.
  • Plasterboard: Regulations stipulate that plasterboard must be kept separate from other waste.
  • Medical waste: Any form of medical waste, including needles and pharmaceuticals, is strictly prohibited.

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